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School Bus

VIS provides a limited school bus service for specific routes in the downtown Vientiane area.

Bus services are made available where road conditions and routes permit the service to be provided in a safe and economical manner.

Students from EY4 to Grade 12 can travel on the bus if the route is available in their area. EY3 students will be accepted after a trial period to ascertain if they are comfortable enough to travel to and from school on their own. Sometimes the overall experience for the younger children is too overwhelming and may cause them undue stress.


$550 USD per semester - drop off and pick up.

$1,100 USD per year - drop off and pick up.

If you are interested in this service, please download and complete the Bus Application Form and submit to the School Bus Coordinator below. When received, our drivers will drive by your home to ascertain eligibility for the bus route.

Temporary Passengers

We understand that sometimes your child may have a play date and need to travel on the bus. Students may ride as a temporary passenger (if there is room to do so) for a maximum of three rides during the school year, at not cost. Each trip after that will be charged at 50,000 LAK.

To request permission to ride as a temporary passenger, please download and complete the Temporary Passenger Request Form and submit to the School Bus Coordinator at least 24 hours prior to the requested travel time.