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Parents and Friends Association

Our Mission

VIS Parents and Friends


All parents in the VIS community and VIS staff are invited to become members of the P&F Association. This group of parents and staff organizes fun events and activities throughout the year to promote school/community relations and for the benefit of our children.

Activities including Halloween, Fun Fair and an annual Yard Sale are major events planned and run by the group. The Association also helps with One World Day and sporting events.

The Parents and Friends (P&F) Association of VIS is established for the purpose of enriching the experience of children attending Vientiane International School (VIS). The P & F works toward organizing special activities and projects which provide value for families, students, staff and generates additional resources for enriching the life of VIS students.


A major purpose of the Parents & Friends Association is to facilitate communication between the school and parents. In the Primary school, parents are encouraged to volunteer to become class parents.


The P&F’s objectives are the following:

1. Provide a forum for parents and friends to volunteer in the VIS community for the benefit of students by organizing various events throughout the year and involve the parents and caregivers in school life.

2. Provide support to enrich experiences for students, including financial contribution to individuals or groups who will add to the educational, social or cultural experiences of students at VIS.

3. Provide facility improvements, resources, and special projects through financing of projects which are not funded through tuition fees or capital fees, have long term use or impact, and are visible to the VIS community.

4. Support Service and Community Care by providing financial support to match fundraising efforts of students working with school approved Service and Community Care projects.

Suggestions for activities and financial support can be addressed to the P&F from any member of the VIS community. The list of P&F objectives mentioned above can be extended at any time.


Membership to the VIS P&F is automatically granted to parents upon enrollment of any child as a student, to any staff member of VIS and by invitation to members of the Vientiane Community.

Membership is granted free of charge and all members will contribute their time and services without any remuneration (financial or in-kind).

If you have any questions about P&F, please contact pandf@vislao.com

VIS Parents and Friends