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enVISion Theatre Company

The enVISion theatre company was set up as a response to a growing need for a performing arts outlet in Vientiane.

Open to secondary students, parents and staff, the company started off in 2013 taking part in a series of workshops which explored different themes through the medium of drama.

The desire to see the workshops through to production was the driver for larger scale performances to be conceived and the group performed their first production in March 2014 under the direction of Rachael Phiasanaxay.

In 2015, Margarete Magiera directed the company in the play “Same” by Deborah Bruce. This play explored the gulf between the young and old and addressed the question of whether we are fundamentally the same inside no matter what our age.

Through the completion of the project, with this group of dedicated students, staff and parents we realise the power of theatre in bringing communities together through both the rehearsal and performance process.

The theatre company aim to have two performances per year, producing one large scale play in December and one studio piece in April. The larger production will now include a junior section of performers (enVISion juniors), meaning that primary students can also become involved.

All productions are and will continue to be supported by the Theatre Tech Crew, made up of secondary students who are learning about the technical aspects of theatre.