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From the beginning of Grade 6 to graduating at the end of Grade 12, education can and should be a challenging personal journey for every student.

VIS Secondary School aims to support each student on their personal learning journey by challenging, inspiring and empowering every student through a concept-based and inquiry driven learning experience, framed through the International Baccalaureate Middle Years and Diploma Program (DP). Please see the VIS DP Curriculum Guide and School Profile.

As a small, diverse and engaged learning community we aim to provide opportunities for all students through a broad range of subject offerings.

Students are able to explore and shine through the arts, through service, through experiential education, through sports, through technology, through leadership.

We champion the continued study of Mother Tongue. We challenge VIS students to follow their passions, to aspire and to create opportunities for themselves and for others. At VIS we encourage students and support them to take their learning beyond the gates of VIS and into the greater community by engaging in personal action.

Through our diverse community of over forty nationalities we teach through the lens of global contexts, knowing that when our students leave us they will be ready to take their place in a world that is increasingly international in outlook and action. Our students graduate from VIS ready and prepared to enter university systems all around the world.


VIS Secondary is a caring community. Our well qualified and experienced faculty guides students both in and out of the classroom. Each teacher acts as advisor and mentor to a small group of students to assist and support them in establishing and achieving goals. A specialized support team also ensures that all students are given the best opportunity to find the level of challenge that is appropriate to them.

We warmly invite you to explore our community and our program through these pages. If you are in Vientiane we encourage you to visit our beautiful and well equipped campus. We look forward to you joining us.

Tina Santilli
Secondary Principal



Secondary SALSA (Secondary Action, Learning, Service, Adventure) involves all secondary grade levels returning annually to rural Lao communities in order to re-engage. SALSA trips occur over five days and are a required part of the curriculum in which all students are expected to participate.

SALSA is often linked directly to the learning going on in the classroom and is well-researched and planned, with the student's health and safety clearly in mind.

Parents are invited to attend informational meetings where they can gain answers to any questions they might have. There is no cost to parents or students for SALSA trips as they are covered by the VIS tuition fees.


Secondary Advisors have the key responsibility of providing pastoral care to students. They support the students academically and socially, are advocates for the students and cover age appropriate topics through an advisory program. Advisors are at the heart of communication between parents, teachers and students.

Students attend an Advisory class for a 35-minute session daily (except Tuesdays) where they participate in various activities, such as:

  • Goal setting
  • Reflection
  • Journal writing
  • House competitions organised by the Student Council
  • Assemblies
  • Technology sessions
  • Counselling sessions
  • Development of Approaches To Learning (ATL) skills
  • Engage in service activities that support their Service as Action (MYP) or CAS (DP) program requirements.

Career & College Counselling

Career Counselling
Career counselling at VIS begins with advisory classes in Grade 6, during which students use a career search website and complete a variety of activities facilitated by their Advisor. By answering a large number of questions online they are given a number of options about careers they might be interested in pursuing. Students can then access online interviews and additional information on each of the careers that have been suggested.

VIS has a career exploration month which culminates with student work experience days outside the school and a careers-tasting morning where members of the community are invited to talk about different aspects of their respective careers.

College Counselling
VIS provides a college counselling service to assist students in searching and applying for colleges and universities all over the world. The counsellor also facilitates a college night for parents and students in grades 10 through 12 providing useful information on the transition to college including timelines, advice to parents, explanations of various college systems according to country, and useful websites to use in the college search.