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Early Years (Ages 3 - 6)

VIS Early Years

The PYP curriculum framework is unique in focusing on both how children learn as well as who they are as learners. It presents students as powerful agents of their own learning and competent partners in the learning process. Students’ needs, interests and competencies form the basis of the curriculum, which, in turn, guides students to acquire knowledge and skills, develop conceptual understanding, demonstrate positive attitudes and take responsible action. To ensure equal and balanced investment in each of these outcomes, emphasis is placed on the five essential elements of the PYP curriculum: knowledge, skills, concepts, attitudes and action.


“Play is the highest expression of human development in childhood, for it alone is the free expression of what is in a child’s soul.”

PYP Model

Children are keen observers and explorers. To complement and nurture the rapidly growing abilities of children, the teaching process in the early years includes collaboration among children and the significant adults in their lives. It also includes guidance to enable our youngest learners to build on their natural capacities to question, observe and connect their understandings to construct new meaning.


VIS Learning Principles

Learners have Emotion
With a little help from her friends, a child enjoys a waterfall on a hot day.

VIS Learning Principles

Learners have Potential
Students formulate ideas, make plans and create masterpieces.

VIS Learning Principles

Learners are Collaborative
Students design and build a rocket ship, complete with control center, for the Early Years playground.

VIS Learning Principles

Learners Make Connections
Using treasures collected in nature, students learn mathematics.


Learners at the Center

Learners at the Center
Testing his own abilities, a student sees how far he can fly!

Learners are Reflective

Learners are Reflective
Early Years students discover needs, find solutions and find friends at a local Lao school.