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Primary School

Here at VIS, you will find a vibrant campus that comes to life with the curiosity, inquiry, and discovery of children and adults alike. Focusing on the whole child, we foster children’s academic development as well as nurture and build the dispositional skills they will use throughout their learning and their lives. 

VIS is a diverse community of learners who are inspired to thrive in rapidly changing environments.

We recognize that children bring with them unique experiences, personalities, and ideas. As a primary school, we pride ourselves on meeting children where they are in their development and supporting their progress in meaningful, relevant, and personalized ways. We are fortunate to have a team of highly professional educators to learn with and inspire children.

VIS Primary
VIS Primary Girls Build Raft

VIS is an amazing place to learn!


As the people who know their children best, we depend on working together with families to support children in developing in all areas - as students, as friends, as human beings. Our partnership with our families is vital and we value and appreciate maintaining open lines of communication. 

Together, we challenge, inspire, and empower.

Please explore our website and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

- Regina Alcorn, Primary Principal



Regina Alcorn, Primary Principal