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YOU WILL NEED to add the library calendars to your Google Calendar so you can create and edit your library bookings.

1. Set up your Google Calendar so you can make library bookings.

Firstly, you need to add the library Google calendars to your own Google calendar. This will mean that when you log into your Gmail account, you will be able to view all the library bookings and add your own bookings from the comfort of your computer.

This is how.

  1. Log into your Gmail account:
  2. Click on the first link
  3. Click on the small link (in the lower right of your screen) that says "+Google calendar".
  4. You will then be prompted by "Would you like to add calendar?" >> click "Yes, add this calendar".
  5. Repeat this for the second calendar.
  6. You should now have both calendars available in the "Other calendars" to the left of your own Google calendar. You are now ready to navigate these calendars and start booking.






51:30 - 2:15

2. Make a booking using Google Calendars.

1. Open your google calendar.
2. Make sure you can see the library calendars under "Other calendars".
3. Navigate to the date and time you wish to make a booking.
4. Hover your mouse over the time that is available and click.
5. enter an abbreviated class title and numbers where appropriate. (Eg. 5W, 6D humanities, EE x 20). Add a description if you think will help other teachers understand your needs.
6. Select the library calendar from the drop down box.
7. Click "Create event" to save your booking.

3. Library booking policies.

What does a library booking mean?

A Library booking serves 2 functions:

  1. Informs other classes about who will be in the the library throughout the day.
  2. Ensures the booked class has priority access to that space however this does not imply exclusive access. Students from other classes are welcome to continue to access the library providing it does not interfere with the booked class.

What is a flexible scheduling?

Flexible Scheduling works along side the Open Door Policy enabling the library schedule to change and adapt each week to the learning needs of the VIS community. This means that the bookings each week can look different depending on how each class is responding to student led inquiry.

What about regular weekly bookings? Occasionally, a class may wish to come to the library for a series of session over a period of time so repeated bookings can be made as the need arises. Primary classes have a regular time booked for students to visit the library for returning books and self-selecting texts however this booking still allows for other classes to come at the same time if required.

A flexible schedule is designed to maximise student access to the library spaces through responsive and timely booking system.

An Open Door Policy

Students are encouraged to come to the library at any time during library opening hours providing they follow the following guidelines. This may be for independent access to library resources or for a reference meeting with the librarian.

  • They are respectful of other library visitors. If their activity disrupts other visitors then they will need to make another time to return.
  • During class time they need the permission of their teacher to come to the library. A note or other formal procedure has not been necessary because student access has generally been appropriate. If teachers or librarian are concerned, an email or instant message is usually sufficient to double check library access arrangements.
  • Primary students must be accompanied by a caregiver after school (ie. 3:00pm Mon, Wed, Thurs or Friday, 2:15pm Tues and Saturdays).
  • Younger students (e.g. Prep or Grade 1) will usually require an adult accompaniment however this is not mandatory & will depend on the capabilities of these students to come to the library independently.