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Download an ebook from EBL

Follow these steps to download your ebook from EBL.

  1. Sign in to your VISlibrary EBL account.
  2. Use "Quick Search" to begin or "Advanced" search for more accurate searching.
  3. Click on "View details".
  4. Click on "Read Online" to have 5 minutes for free browsing (just like pulling a book of the library shelf and flipping through the pages to decide if it is the book for you).
  5. Click on "Download" if you would like to read this book offline.
  6. Select the loan length (in days). After this period, access to the book on your device will automatically be removed. You can download it again if you would like to continue reading.
  7. Select from the "Formats Available" ( "PDF" is like a regular document, "ePUB" is a versatile format where you can change font size, colour plus other features).
  8. Click "Download".
    • Computer: the book will come into your downloads folder where you will need to doubleclick on it for it to automatically open in Adobe Digital Editions.
    • Tablet or Smartphone: the book will automatically open in BlueFire Reader.