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Athletics & Co-Curricular



Vientiane International School offers a wealth of opportunities to all ages of students to explore interests and develop passions in our co-curricular program (CCP). These activities are chosen in order to offer a diverse set of experiences as we look to prepare students for their future in a rapidly changing world.

Through these activities, we look to not only develop the skills in the activity, but also to prepare well-rounded, emotionally intelligent and interpersonally skilled students. One of the core values of VIS is balance. We are mindful that students have academic commitments and support students to have a balanced experience at VIS.

We embrace the unique passions and interests of our students teachers and parents; our entire community of learners. For this reason, the program is always evolving. We welcome any feedback and ideas about ways that we can enhance the program. If you would like to offer your skills or an activity to the program, please contact the Co-Curricular Program office below.

- Matt Lautenbach,
Activities & Athletics Director

Email the
Co-Curricular Office



Vientiane International School offers a varied range of sports in its co curricular program. The VIS dragons are involved locally in the Vientiane School Sports Association (VSSA) and internationally involved in MRISA. The core sports that VIS compete in are football, basketball, volleyball and swimming. Primary teams (G4 and G5) compete locally in the VSSA, while junior teams (G6 to G8) and senior teams (G9 to G12) also compete internationally in MRISA.

The Vientiane School Sports Association (VSSA) was brought together by a group of international schools that wanted more organized sport for their school teams. The league currently has 8 participating schools playing over 3 age levels these schools include: Australian International School, Kiettisack International School, Vientiane Pattana School, Eastern Star School, Sengdara Bilingual School, Lycée Français Josué Hoffet, Panyathip International School and VIS.

Vientiane International School is proud to be a founding member of the Mekong River International Schools Association (MRISA). The association provides social connections and opportunities for friendly sport competitions and cultural exchanges for Secondary students (Grades 6 - 12) throughout the school year including;

  • sports tournaments in volleyball, basketball and football
  • an Arts Exchange
  • a STEAM competition
  • a Model United Nations (an academic simulations of the United Nations General Assembly)

In addition, associate members organize international swim meets for our competitive swim team. 

MRISA member schools include:

  • Vientiane International School
  • United Nations International School of Hanoi (Vietnam)
  • Hanoi International School (Vietnam)
  • Saigon South International School (Vietnam)
  • International School of Phnom Penh (Cambodia)
  • International School Eastern Seaboard (Thailand)


Co-Curricular Programs

Co Curricular Programs (CCP)

Welcome to VISa, Vientiane International School’s Co Curricular Activities program. VISa offers an opportunity for students to pursue and explore areas of interest in a safe, secure environment. The VISa program is designed to be an extension to the school’s main IB curriculum and strives to provide a broad range of activities that enhance the development of the whole child through active lifestyle choices, social interaction, leadership, and community involvement.

CCP programs include sports, arts, academics, interest clubs, and an extensive variety of community-focused groups. VIS encourages all students to take advantage of the opportunities available to them within the VISa program. A wide range of experiences helps students prepare for the future in this ever-changing world. Universities are always in search of well-rounded, emotionally intelligent, and interpersonally skilled students. VIS is also mindful that students have various academic commitments and supports students to have a balanced experience at school.

There are three CCP rotations per year.

1st Rotation
August to November

2nd Rotation
November to March

3rd Rotation
March to May