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Employment Information

Vientiane International School welcomes applications from enthusiastic, experienced and innovative teachers who value collaborative practice and care deeply about the development of children. As an IB World School, we embed the principles of the IB throughout our school and seek to build a community of learners through all members of the VIS community. Our current teachers are committed to curriculum development and continue to enhance the programmes for students. This process is one that we believe is vital to continue and so we seek new colleagues who will be excited to join us in continuing to collaboratively refine and improve the curriculum we have in place.

It's a great school
and a great place to live!

We offer a competitive package that enables our faculty to live comfortably and have the ability save money. The region is a wonderful part of the world to make your home and the culture of this country and surrounding areas is rich and varied.

Current Vacancies

Thank you for your interest in joining the team at Vientiane International School.

As an IB World School, we highly value experience in the PYP, MYP or DP.

Vacancies for 2019 - 2020 School Year

  1. MYP Coordinator
  2. MYP and DP Math Teacher
  3. PYP Learning Support Teacher
  4. PYP Classroom Teacher
  5. MYP/DP Performing Arts (Music)
  6. Schoolwide Speech and Language Pathologist (tentative)

Please email CV and cover letter to recruitment@ourvis.com