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Child Safeguarding

The Vientiane International School is committed to providing a safe environment for its students, free from abuse and uses the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (ratified in 1989) as a framework. The Convention comprises 54 articles that address the needs, safeguarding and rights of children worldwide. It has been signed by nearly 200 countries including Lao PDR. Countries that ratify the treaty pledge to protect children from economic and sexual exploitation, violence, and other forms of abuse and to advance the rights of children to education, healthcare, and a decent standard of living.

VIS relies on preventative practices such as student and staff education to reduce risk and promote student wellbeing. As educators, we have the opportunity to observe and interact with children over time on a daily basis, and are in a unique position to identify children who need help and protection. As such, we have a professional and ethical obligation to identify children who are in need of protection and to take steps to ensure that the child and family avail themselves of any services needed to remedy any situation that constitutes child abuse or neglect.