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The VIS Core

Secondary Student works with Primary Students

Our Mission

We challenge, inspire and empower learners to develop their unique potential in our changing world.

Our Vision

We will lead the way toward a sustainable future.

Our Values

We value balance, resilience, respect, innovation and courage.

The VIS Learning Principles

Definition of Learning: We learn when we build and apply new understandings and skills in a variety of contexts. The following research-based learning principles guide our teaching practice:

  • Learners at the center: Recognizing learners as core participants and encouraging active engagement.
  • Learners are unique: Engaging all learners and adapting to individual needs.
  • Learners have emotions: Understanding the role of emotion and being aware of individual motivations.
  • Learners have potential: Embracing challenging expectations while understanding individual variations.
  • Learners are collaborative: Recognizing the value of social interaction to engage with multiple perspectives.
  • Learners make connections: Linking understandings and transferring learning to new situations.
  • Learners are reflective: Having a clear purpose, understanding next steps, and using feedback to support growth.

Our Road Map

In November of 2018 we held a Clarity Summit composed of teachers, students, parents, board members and alumni to brainstorm who we are as a school and where we want to be in two years.  The results of the summit were then submitted to the VIS community for additional feedback and inspiration.  

The results of our work has provided clarity of purpose and a detailed road map to help us reach our destination .  Join us in our journey  - and enjoy the ride!

Clarity Summit

VIS Core Poster


VIS Learning Principles Poster


The VIS Road Map to Our Destiny